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Girls on the Maricopa and Pinal Counties Program Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering for
Girls on the Run or Heart & Sole!

The 10-week Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole programs are offered twice a year – in the fall and in the spring. Participants meet twice a week, usually after school, for approximately 90 minutes. Both seasons culminate with a 5k event where all Girls on the Run participants throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties come together, along with Running Buddies and members of the public, to celebrate their accomplishments.

Timeline for the Fall 2017 Season:
July 24 – August 20, 2017: Official registration period for girls
August 21-- August 27, 2017: Late registration open for girls at sites that still have spaces available (*there is an additional $10 fee during late registration and registrations are confirmed on a first come, first-served basis)
Late August/Early September: Program will start at most sites (earlier or later at some sites depending on school schedule)
November 18, 2017: Girls on the Run 5k

How to Register for Girls on the Run or Heart & Sole:

  • Please review the location list and site schedule to confirm the timing and venue will work for your girl.
  • Please review the Program Policies listed below.
  • A parent/guardian must complete an online registration form for each girl via online registration.
  • Please have the following information available when registering: insurance information, doctor contact info, emergency contact info and a credit/debit card.
  • Credit OR debit/bank cards may be used.
  • Your account will be charged at the time of registration
  • Once you complete a registration, you will receive an email confirming that your registration has been received. Please check that you’ve received an email following your registration.
  • Registration is not first come, first-served. We use a lottery system if registrations exceed available team spots at a site.  Note about the lottery: we rarely have had to use the lottery system and proactively work with sites to do our very best to accommodate all interested girls who register.
  • During the official registration period: After registration closes, as soon as possible but no later than 8/22/2017, families will be notified via email if:

The lottery needs to be used at their site: in this case, girls whose teams are oversubscribed will be automatically entered into a random lottery, and parents will be notified whether or not their daughter has been added to the team. In the case of a lottery, refunds will be issued immediately.

The minimum number of registrants has not been met. A minimum of 8 girls are required to form a Girls on the Run or Heart & Sole team. If this minimum is not reached, then the team will be canceled and refunds will be issued immediately. Parents can help prevent this from happening by spreading the word early and encouraging others to join them in registering from the program.

Important Program Policies

Refund Policy
The girl’s parent/guardian is responsible for contacting Girls on the Run directly if their girl is dropping from the program. A $15 administration fee will be charged on all cancellations before the first practice, except in cases of medical emergencies, with a doctor’s note or documentation. Girls on the Run serving Maricopa & Pinal Counties will refund 50% of the program registration fee if the family decides to end the participant’s involvement in the program. The family must submit a request in writing to Girls on Run no later than the fourth lesson in order to receive a refund.

Attendance Policy
Due to the importance of group dynamics and the experiential learning process of the Girls on the Run curriculum girls who are absent for more than three (3) practices during one season will be in violation of the attendance policy. It is critically important to the efficacy of the girls’ program experience that they participate in both sessions each week. Please note that girls are not allowed to only attend one session a week and should not sign up if there are known conflicts.

Running Buddy Policy 
A Running Buddy is a family member, teacher or friend who will run with your girl during the 5k (3.1 miles) event and ensures her safety while providing positive reinforcement along the way. All program participants (girls in the Girls on the Run or Heart & Sole programs) are required to have a Running Buddy run with them in the Girls on the Run 5k on 11/18/17. So, either pull out your running shoes and let the training begin or start thinking about friends or loved ones who would enjoy being part of this amazing experience.

  • Can be a parent, teacher, relative, friend or other adult deemed responsible by the parent/guardian
  • Must be 16 years old or older
  • Must register for the 5k
  • Must be able to run/jog a 5k (3.1 miles)

If your girl does not have a family member/friend who can serve as a Running Buddy, we would be happy to assign a volunteer Running Buddy to make sure your girl is safe and supported throughout her run in the 5k. Please notify Adrianna at or 602-795-6572 by October 27th if your girl needs to be matched with a volunteer. Your girl’s safety is our top priority! The volunteer Running Buddy will be a female, positive, community role model that will have gone through a complete background check to ensure each girl is receiving the best support during her 5k experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many girls are on a team?
Team size is between 8 and 20 girls. The curriculum was designed for a group this size to facilitate team building and a healthy group dynamic. Fewer than eight girls and more than 20 make it difficult to provide the experience we seek to offer the girls. If a site does not have enough girls sign up, parents will be notified and refunds will be given. Some sites will have more than one team, but that is dependent upon the number of trained volunteer coaches and practice space available at the school/site.

How are participants chosen?
In the event that there are more girls interested in participating at a particular school/site than available spots, we will randomly select girls to form the team(s).

Do girls have to be runners?
No! Girls on the Run is for EVERY girl – even those who don’t like to run. The program is non-competitive and focuses on developing healthy, positive self-images in all participants. Girls are encouraged to walk or run during the workouts, and all girls progress at their own speed. That being said, girls who excel at running will also feel challenged and encouraged.

What is the Program Fee?
The program fee is $180.

What does that fee include?

  • 20 lessons conducted by trained coaches
  • background checks for coaches and volunteers
  • lesson handouts and materials
  • healthy snacks at all lessons
  • program t-shirt
  • water bottle
  • race registration
  • finisher’s medal
  • celebration banquet for the girl and her family
  • sponsor giveaways
  • less visible things like insurance, support to coaches, site & facility fees etc.
    tools and lessons that will last a lifetime!

What if a girl is unable to pay the program fee?
It is the policy of Girls on the Run serving Maricopa and Pinal Counties (GOTRMPC) to offer our program to all girls who desire to participate, regardless of their family’s financial status. GOTRMPC offers scholarship support to all qualifying registrants based on financial need.

Please note that GOTRMPC believes a strong sense of pride and ownership is developed when the recipient of scholarship funding has contributed to the cost of their involvement. Therefore, all scholarship recipients will be asked to pay a portion of the program fees. Program fees for girls receiving a scholarship range from $15 to $150 based on household income. All scholarship grants are kept confidential, as they are specific to individual and family circumstances.

Scholarship funding is reviewed each season of Girls on the Run, and the financial sustainability of our program depends on the honesty and integrity of parents who contribute their appropriate registration amount.  Registrants can apply for scholarship support as part of the online sign up process. It is a simple one-step process that results in automatic registration. Please be sure to answer all applicable questions.

You are not at my daughter’s school but I would like for her to participate. What are our options?
GOTRMPC aspires to make the program accessible to as many girls as possible regardless of where programs are being offered. We often have site locations that are open to the public, and they will be highlighted on the location list. Our policy is to allow girls to participate at a school/site that they do not attend if: transportation is not an issue, the girl is able to attend the entire practice, the school/site does not have policies in place that would preclude participation, and the girl is grade-eligible for the program. Girls who attend the school/site do get first preference to participate on the Girls on the Run team in the event of a lottery however.

Our ultimate goal is to make Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole available to every interested girl in Maricopa and Pinal Counties so we also encourage you to bring the program to your location. Although we primarily partner with schools, other groups/venues can also participate such as churches, community centers, youth/athletic centers etc.

Have more questions or need more info? Please contact:
Adrianna Erickson at or call us at 602-795-6572.

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